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POLIGON FABRIC is an innovative line of shade shelters that combines elegance, engineering, and UV protection.  Poligon Fabric shelters take their shape from the structural steel framing rather than from extra wires and unsightly cable clamps.  The rigid tubular steel frame covered in fabric creates a more structural, cleaner looking, easier to maintain shelter.

Poligon Fabric offers a wide variety of designs and sizes to enhance any site.  They feature Poligon Fabric's patented telescoping tensioning system that allows the fabric top to be installed an tensioned properly or easily removed in just minutes.  Most Poligon Fabric shelters are designed to withstand 90 MPH windloads with the fabric tops on.  The fabric can filter out up to 95% of harmful UV rays, depending on the color of the fabric.


Hipped roof shelters (FHP) come in standard sizes of 14'x14', 14'x28', 16'x16', 20'x20', 23'x55', 24'x32', 24'x36', 27'x36', 30'x30', 30'x40', 30'x64', 30'x84', 32'x32', 40'x40', 40'x64', 40'x84', 46'x58', 50'x50', 50'x64', 50'x84', and 60'x60'.


Sundials (FSD) are available with tops that pivot 360 degrees to provide all day shade protection.  Standard sizes are 8', 10', and 16' square.


Cantelevered transit shelters (FCL) come in standard sizes of 8'x24', 8'x36', 8'x48', 8'x60', 8'x72', 8'x84', and 8'x96'.

Other styles and customization available. 



Click HERE to see a video of Poligon Fabric's patented tensioning system.



Umbrellas (FUM) are available with four, six or eight sides.  Standard sizes for the four-sided umbrella are 10', 15', 20', or 25' square.  Standard size for the six-sided umbrella is 15' diameter.  Eight-sided umbrellas come in standard sizes of 20', 25', and 30' diameters.


The Gemini series (FGM) is available in unlimited single or dual cantilever bays.


Fabric sails (FSL) can span a distance of up to 40' column to column.  Column heights are variable from 12' to 22'.


For frame powdercoat colors, click HERE.

For fabric colors, click HERE.

For more information or to request a quote, please call (817) 236-5439.