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Poligon's VIA Series includes four distinctive styles featuring open gable ends and many unique ornamentation options.  Make an extraordinary achitectural statement throughout your landscape with one or a combination of these shelters.


The Portal (PRT) has cast iron finials and square stepped columns.  Standard sizes are 7', 11', 15', 19', and 23' outside column to outside column.  Portals have burried fixed bases.


The Wayside (WSD)comes in standard sizes of 12'x12', 14'x19', 20'x21', 20'x27', 26'x30', and 30'x40'.



The Gateway (GTW) comes with cast iron finials and square stepped columns.   Standard sizes are 7'x10', 7'x11', 19'x19'-2.5", and 23'x22'-6.5".


The Crossing (CRS) has square stepped columns and comes in standard sizes of 12', 16', 20', 24', and 29' square.

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